Wandering in Heaven

Birds flying high, people passing by happy and content. Trees growing green, Flowers blossoming, while skies are dimming. Rivers flowing and ripples showing, waterfalls rushing and stars glowing right here in Heaven. In a place of harmony, where glory dwells and thrives, I stand so defeated, so lost and scared. It is so great, yet […]

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“Seeming” : Countering Extremism

“Seeming” is a new project conducted by the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University, Lebanon. This project is part of the international competition sponsored by the US Department of states. Seeming team has been preparing to launch this project ever since the competition started couple months ago. This project aims to counter extremism while […]

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Between Chirp and Hum

“What a wonderful day it is! Robins chirping all around With a pervasive harmony Across the verdant valley Smoothly travelling the air with an intoxicating freshness Under the azure sky above. I reach my cup of coffee, and hold a book of what would be a long romance, while thinking of thee, thee, precious thee! […]

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Emotional Anarchy

It’s more than days spent And moments shared. It’s more than confusions, Complexities and conversations. It’s so simple, yet so complex. It’s a noisy kind of tranquility; a chapter filled with emotions that are yet to be told within a novel of trivial incidents. It’s not promising and it’s definitely, not Edenic. It’s an embracing […]

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Nine-Faced and More

I have always been told that being myself is the best thing to choose because no one is better than the person I am. Yet, days passed and I discovered that the face that represents the person I am is no longer a source of pleasure for anybody but me. I grew up to realize […]

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Am I Beautiful?

The notion of beauty and woman’s image started to increasingly deteriorate in the past few years. A woman’s view of beauty started to refer to losing more and more weight, covering one’s face with lots and lots of makeup and wearing more revealing clothes to attract the opposite sex. Some may argue with me regarding […]

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,حَنينٌ للوَطَنْ .للشَّجاعَةِ في المِحَنْ ,حنينٌ لم يقتصر .على الحبّ و الغزل ,حَنينٌ لِلسَّلامِ ,لِغُصْنِ الزَّيْتونِ ,لَأَشْجارِ اللّيْمونِ .لِلثّوْرَةِ على الزَّمَنْ ,حَنينٌ لِلطّيورْ ,في سماءٍ تثورْ ,لطفلٍ يموت .و لِمُسِنٍّ يَكنُبُ الزّجلْ ,حنينٌ لِلكَلامْ ,مَعَ ٱلأهْلِ وَ ٱلجيرانْ ,لِبَراعِمَ تَجولُ في أعْقابِ ٱلدِّيّارِ .لِتَذْبُلَ قَبْلَ أنْ تُزْهِرْ ,حَنينٌ للحُرِّيَّةِ ,في بِلادٍ أَبِيَّةٍ ,و جَنّاتٍ صامِدَةٍ .لا […]

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